Online Demo

The COBALT series of FM transmitters offers an online demo that allows users to explore the product and its features, such as the built-in audio processor and the ability to play live audio tracks. The demo also showcases the ease of use and versatility of the COBALT transmitter.

The livestream listen function allows users to select and play audio tracks and adjust the presets on the built-in audio processor to hear the high-quality sound that is standard across the entire COBALT series. However, it's worth noting that depending on the network connection, there may be some slight delay when making changes.

Explore and if you are in doubt, please refer to the user manual available in the downloads section.   

Online Demo

How to use it

Click the Online demo button above. You will then see the following screen where you need to login.

Use the following credentials to login:-

For now, the unit is set up so you can listen to a stream with the audio coming out from the processor (up to the audio clippers). 

To listen to the Audio, please click the RED Audio Stream button. This will open a new pop-up window where you can see a selection of available tracks that have been chosen for you to listen to. 

NOTE: You might experience some latency until you notice changes to the audio after changing a setting, which will vary depending on the internet connection.  

Aqua Broadcast has set up the unit with some default values that let you focus on testing the different presets with different types of music. You can play with all settings although only audio related parameters will have a noticeable effect on the audio. 

The following is a list of parameters that will have a noticeable effect on the audio. You’ll find them in the web menu screen specified between brackets. 

IMPORTANT: after changing a parameter value, you’ll need to press the save button at the bottom right of the box the setting belongs to. This is to avoid accidental changes on touch screens devices like Mobile phones or tablets.

Digital Input Level [INPUTS SCREEN]

The AGC at the beginning of the audio chain ensures that the output level is more or less consistent despite the input level, within some limits. The recommended input level to the processor is around -18dBFS for the average audio meter (solid meter)


All the included songs are in stereo and there is not much point in switching to the mono modes, but you can try them if you wish.  


The pre-emphasis affects some parts of the processing but if you are to compare the processed versus the raw audio, it is best if you have both controls to Off (the input is monitored before the pre-emphasis) 


Select different audio presets and check how they affect the audio. 


See pre-emphasis, earlier in the list.


Please be aware, the remote Audio streaming function is a future update to the COBALT range. This is not yet currently available but remember to stay up to date with our news, and free software updates in the future.