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We are always here to help you. Feel free to ask us any questions regarding our products from installation tips and advice, to setting things up. 

Our support team will always get in touch as soon as humanly possible. We know how important service and support is to your station so please call us or email us and we will get back to you fast.

If after talking to one of our support engineers, you need to send your product to factory for repair, you will be given an RMA number and full instructions on where to send your product. 

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We also have a dedicated Whatsapp support number for support queries.


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You can download User manuals, Datasheets and Software update for all our products below.

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Software Update

Updating your Software on the COBALT Fully featured FM Transmitter is easy and takes a couple of minutes. This short video will show you how.

You can contact us with any Support queries on Whatsapp 



  • Cobalt C-10 / 10W FM Transmitter

  • Cobalt C-30 / 30W FM Transmitter

  • Cobalt C-50 / 50W FM Transmitter

  • Cobalt C-100 / 100W FM Transmitter

  • Cobalt C-300 / 300W FM Transmitter

  • Cobalt C-600 / 600W FM Transmitter

  • Cobalt C-700 / 700W FM Transmitter

  • Cobalt C-1000 / 1000W FM Transmitter

  • Cobalt C-2000 / 2000W FM Transmitter

  • Cobalt C-3000 / 3000W FM Transmitter

  • Cobalt C-5000 / 5000W FM Transmitter

  • Cobalt C10-I / 10W FM Transmitter

  • Cobalt C30-I / 30W FM Transmitter

  • Cobalt C50-I / 50W FM Transmitter

  • Cobalt C100-I / 100W FM Transmitter


    • Firmware

  • Arctic Audio Processor

  • Cobalt A-1000 / 1000W FM Amplifier

  • Cobalt A-2000 / 2000W FM Amplifier

    • Aqua Broadcast A2000 Datasheet 040424

    • Aqua Broadcast 3U COBALT Amplifier user manual 220424

    • Firmware

  • Cobalt A-3000 / 3000W FM Amplifier

    • Aqua Broadcast A3000 Datasheet 040424

    • Aqua Broadcast 3U COBALT Amplifier user manual 220424

    • Firmware


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How do I send a product in for service?

Please contact us and we will issues you with an RMA number and detailed instructions.

How long will my repair take?

This entirely depends on the actual fault, but we aim to repair products within 1-3 business days. We will give you regular updates if there might be a delay.

How much will a service or repair cost?

If the unit has suffered an in-Warranty fault, there is no charge for the repair. For any non-Warranty issues, we will quote you on the repair.

Do you offer loan units?

Yes we do in some cases, please call our email us to discuss this.

Where can I downlaod a user manual?

Visist our downloads section for User manuals, Datasheets, and software updates.

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