Arctic Audio Processor

FM Digital 4 Band Audio Processor

The Arctic FM Audio Processor has a sleek and elegant design, and packs a wide feature list as standard into a compact 1RU product. The Multi-band AGC corrects and equalises Audio input levels, and Peak Limiters maintain control of your peak levels.

The built-in high-performance digital Stereo Encoder provides a smooth, clean and polished sound. An RDS encoder is also included in the Arctic which is UECP compliant.

With its bright OLED screen and easy to use rotary encoder and 3 silicone soft keys that work dynamically with the display lets you eaily setup or make changes to your sound. The rear panel features both Analog and Digital AES/EBU inputs and outputs. Two MPX in and out complete the audio connection options. LAN and GPIO connectivity allow for further connections, giving you a complete package ready for all stations.

With a comprehensive set of presets right out of the box to get you started, get creative and customize and save your own sound signature to one of the many assignable user presets. Naturally, full setup and control via web remote is also available with all functions available from anywhere with a web connection.

Remote control is easy...

Users can manage Arctic via LAN by web-based control. HTML, FTP, Telnet, SNMP and RS232 connectivity interfaces with monitoring equipment or just acts standalone, allowing you to monitor and control your processor remotely, from anywhere in the world.

The GUI on the web page is clear, easy to use and responsive, suitable to be managed from any device: Personal Computers, tablets, smartphones.SNMP (v 2.0) programming protocol allows to manage the whole command set. Arctic firmware implements also HTTP, FTP, SNMP, SMTP, UDP, TCP and is PV4 – IPV6 addressing compliant.

The Arctic features an RDS (RBDS in the US) encoder which allows the station name to be displayed on listeners’ receivers, and carries various data to enhance the listening experience, such as Alternative Frequencies (which in a network allows the receiver to change frequency to receive the best signal), Radio Text (64-characters which can be used to display a station’s slogan, or other messages) and Traffic Announcement, which causes receivers to switch from CD or other sources back to FM radio when when the station is transmitting traffic information.


  • 4 Band FM Processor
  • Great range of presets
  • ITU BS 412 Limiter as Standard
  • Multiband AGC:

    Wide ranging RMS levelling pulls up low level and tames hot signals ensuring a consistent sound signature.

  • Multiband limiters:

    Ensures that your broadcast has tightly controlled peak levels.

  • Bass processing:

    The bass equalisation and bass clipper will bring bass integrity even with small speaker receivers.

  • Mixer:

    Fine tune the mix output bands of the multiband processor. In addition to these, other specialised processing blocks will optimise your audio to sound great always.

  • Pre-emphasis:

    Selectable based on your country standard

  • Advanced clippers:

    The distortion cancelling and overshoot compensating clippers offer low distortion and perfect peak control.

  • Stereo generator:

    The oversampled stereo generator provides an MPX with excellent stereo separation and compliant bandwidth through advanced anti-alias technology.

  • Composite clippers with pilot protection:

    Get that extra loudness without compromising the pilot signal.

  • RDS encoder:

    Broadcast your station ID, song and title and much more with the built-in UECP compliant RDS Encoder.

  • Audio always on:

    The passive signal path means analog and digital signals will keep routing and ensures audio will always pass through even with power outages.



AGC 4 band
Limiters 4 band
Clippers 2 band
Composite processor Yes
Presets   Factory and User presets with Bypass option
Pre emphasis 50µs and 75µs, selectable


Nom. input level  +4 dBu
Max input level   +24 dBu
Analog input impedance  10kOhms
CMRR:   better than 65 dB between 20 and 15KHz
Connectors  XLR balanced EMI suppressed
A/D conversion 24 bit 
THD  < 0.01%, measured between 20 and 10 KHz, de emphasys at 100% modulation 
Dynamic range  better than 90 dB
Noise level  ->90 dB, at 100% modulation measured 20 and 10 KHz
Crosstalk  Better than 70 dB between 20Hz and 15 KHz channel


Analog output level  0-24 dBu software adjustable
Analog Output Impedance   < 150 ohm
Connectors 2 x XLR balanced adjustable and EMI suppressed
D/A conversion 24 bit
CMRR   better than 65 dB between 20 and 15KHz
Dynamic range   better than 90 dB
Crosstalk  better than 70 dB between 20Hz and 15 KHz channel
Noise level  better than 90 dB, at 100% modulation measured 20 and 10 KHz
Crosstalk Better than 70 dB between 20Hz and 15 KHz channel


Sampling rate:      32 to 192 kHz (ASRC)
Connector:    XLR balanced, EMI suppressed
Reference Level:   -30 to 0 dBFS software adjustable


Sampling rate:     48/96/192 kHz, software adjustable 
Connector:    XLR balanced, EMI suppressed
Reference Level:    -30 to 0 dBFS software adjustable

BS.412 MPX Power limiting

Power limiter threshold: -6dBr to +12dBr (OFF)


Output level  0 to 12 dBu
MPX outputs  2 x BNC EMI suppressed
D/A conversion    192KHz, internally oversampled
Stereo separation  better than 60 dB 20Hz - 15 kHz
MPX inputs  2 x BNC EMI suppressed   
A/D conversion   192KHz, internally oversampled
Pilot output  Selectable on any MPX output
Pilot Carrier Level adjust range  0% to 12%
Channel Separation Better than <65db


Connectors  Serial, USB A, USB B, RJ45
Protocols HTTP (browse, mobile, API), SNMP, TELNET, FTP, SMTP, RS232


Power   90 - 260 VAC, 50/60Hz, 25W IEC connector
Environmental  20ºC - 50ºC / 0-90% RH, non-condensing
Size (inch)  19” W x 1.73” H x 9.84” D
Size (mm)  44mm x 482mm x 200mm
Weight 1.6Kg
Warranty 2 year limited warranty